The Pursuit of Happyness movie...a journey of self-discovery and the search for happiness

The Pursuit of Happyness movie     

                                                                                                        How difficult it is to reach happiness. The road is long and arduous and has no end. The dreams that loom on the horizon pass like a mirage that is difficult to catch, and no matter how much you run after them, achieving them will not be that easy.

If you are one of those who watched the movie “The Pursuit of Happiness” or “The Pursuit of happiness,” this will no longer be your outlook on life. Happiness is not easy, but it is definitely not impossible, and the road is indeed difficult, but the joy of the journey is much greater than reaching the end, and those dreams That you have always dreamed of will never be a mirage, but rather you can make it a reality and a reality that you live in. Perhaps many of us have seen that wonderful movie, the events of which are still stuck in all of our minds, even after nearly 14 years have passed since its release, as the experience of its hero was unique. Although it is similar to other stories of struggle, it is undoubtedly distinctive, especially since it provided us with a wonderful experience of the meaning of true happiness.

“The Pursuit of Happyness” is one of the most beautiful American films, realistic and exciting at the same time. It is a biographical film that dramatizes a true story about businessman “Chris Gardens.” The title of the film is based on the book in which “Gardner” narrated his journey in the search for happiness. The film is an American film produced in 2006. Its events revolve within a dramatic framework around (Chris), who tries in various ways to provide comfort for his small family, but is exposed to financial hardship, so his wife leaves him due to poverty, and he decides to learn a new profession in order to obtain sufficient money from it. To take care of his young son, and after much suffering he succeeded in achieving his goal, getting a good job in the stock market, and establishing his own company, later becoming one of the most famous businessmen in America.

Directed by Gabriel Moschino, written by Steve Conrad, and starring: Will Smith, who also participated in producing the film, in addition to the participation of his son, Jaden Will Smith, and Thandie Newton. The film received critical acclaim and was nominated for For many awards, including: “Golden Globe” and an Academy Award. A Life of Misery and the Beginning of the Road
Perhaps what most distinguishes the film’s story is that its hero, “Chris,” is a character who is very similar to us. She is searching for the secret of happiness. She has many dreams that she hopes to achieve, but what makes her a different character and a role model for many people is that she struggles for success, striving with all her might. Strength and courage, and never give up no matter what difficult circumstances you face.

The film is inspiring in every sense of the word for those who watch it. It is like taking dozens of courses in self-development and how to achieve success. However, the film’s impact on you may be stronger, as its first slogan is: Do not despair and dream until the end, and be certain of achieving your dreams no matter what you face. Saab, which is the favorite genre for viewers, especially young people, as the film makes those who watch it in a constant state of alert for the future.

In the film, we see Chris's life full of sadness, pain, and weakness. Despite his love for his wife, she could not bear the life of poverty with him and left him, in addition to the pressures of life that hinder him. On the one hand, he cannot sell that medical device that doctors no longer need. ; Because it is unnecessary and expensive, and he cannot find another job, and on the other hand he is unable to pay the rent for his house and is haunted by debts. Despite this, he did not give up and continued all the time searching for a better job for him. Distant dreams and the long search journey
A person does not know his fate in this life; Since his birth, life has given him a great opportunity to pass its various tests, and the mystery remains in the possibility of an individual changing his reality, which is the same thing that the filmmakers raised about the search for happiness and self-discovery. The life test for “Chris Gardner” was very similar to the “Rubik’s Cube”. The puzzle that “Chris” tried to solve in the events of the film, and which “Will Smith” was obsessed with in reality, as his life test was not only tasting the taste of bankruptcy, but it came to living homeless with his only son.

Where Chris kept trying to sell his scanner; Until he met the director of the stock brokerage company in a taxi, and he was soon able to interest him with his solution to the cube puzzle. In his search for happiness, Gardner’s goal was money. He was on the cusp of a golden opportunity that he would not let pass by, after he succeeded in becoming a trainee broker at Dean Witter, without receiving a salary so that he could pass the exam.

He thought that life smiled at him; However, its storms began to strike him again; When the IRS seized his bank account, and “Chris” and his young son were evicted from their home, becoming homeless, until the father decided to live with his son in one of the bathrooms in the subway, the test of life for him became more difficult; When he found himself forced to hide his pain from his son, who did not stop asking questions, and Chris did not stop playing his role as a father with the utmost merit, his harsh circumstances did not prevent him from continuing to support his son. He did not forget to teach him many lessons and give him many blessings. Wills through the different situations they go through in life, and showers him with his everlasting love and tenderness.

The choice for the film's hero to narrate his story himself was very successful, as this is what made us live his story with him, and feel what he feels moment by moment. Important messages from the film to its viewers
The film included many important messages. The most important of these messages was not to care about what people say, and do not let what people say about you discourage you from pursuing your dreams. Just because these people failed to achieve a goal does not mean that you will also fail like them, and we saw that in the wonderful scene. Between “Chris” and his son on the basketball court, when he asked him not to waste his time playing basketball because he does not have enough talent in this sport, and he should look for something else, but “Chris” in the same scene remedied the situation with his son, and returned to say His “If you have a dream, you have to protect it”, “If you want something, go get it”.

Never give in to excuses. One of the lessons learned in the film was not to give in to circumstances, or to back down from doing something because of excuses, no matter how harsh they are.


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